08 Aug 2017


Our HPC water-base spray on insulation solution replaces antiquated metal cladding insulation system that feature rock-wool, calcium silicate or fiberglass as part of the insulation system for hot processes. The HPC insulation system provides a tremendous CUI free, energy savings deliverable, that is second to none.

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31 Jul 2017

Fire Coating

OMEGA FIRE is a one-component coating having a blend of eight different ceramics combined in a water-based formula to create a barrier against extreme flame impingement and heat migration

Build extra safety into structures with Omega Fire™, a ceramic-loaded, water-borne fireproofing coating. Omega Fire™ stays intact above 2000 degrees F (1100 degrees C) and has a 2-3 hour fire rating. Using the combination of HPC and Omega Fire™, a 7-hour rating was achieved on a support beam inside the furnace at 2000 degrees F (1100 C).

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24 Jul 2017

High Temperature Insulation

HPC® Coating and HPC®-HT are designed to control heat transfer on hot surface temperatures up to 1,112°F (600°C). HPC® Coating offers a “Green”, non-flammable, non-toxic formula for high heat surface applications over standard steam pipe or oven wall construction. HPC® Coating is easily applied using a texture sprayer, and can be applied over metal, concrete, wood, and other substrates.

HPC® is water-borne and extremely lightweight in appearance. HPC® Coating uses a special acrylic resin blend with specific ceramic compounds added to provide a non-conductive block against heat transfer. HPC can be used stand alone on surface temperatures up to 550°F (287°C).

The resin base of HPC® is organic and will char when the hot surface exceeds 550°F (287°C). The char effect does not impact insulation performance but can cause a slight dis-bondment. As such, for surface temperatures over 550°F (287°C), our HPC®-HT is used as a base coat before applying HPC®.

HPC®-HT is a two-part (A+B) hybrid acrylic/silicone resin, water-based coating using specific ceramic compound loads for application directly over surfaces 200°C (392°F) and up to 600°C (1112°F). Both HPC® and HPC®-HT are designed to block and hold the interior temperature on the surface and reduce heat transfer loss to ambient.

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09 Jul 2017

Solar Heat Blocking

Super Therm

SUPER THERM® is a water-borne combination of high-performance aliphatic urethanes, elastomeric acrylics, and resin additives which produces  a  tough,  yet  flexible  coating  film.  Designed   for performance and durability, SUPER  THERM®  contains  4  unique  ceramics to block up to 95% of solar heat entering a structure due to visual light, ultra violet (UV) and infrared  (IR).  SUPER  THERM®  is  a flexible membrane with low permeability that can greatly reduce expansion and contraction of a roof. It also prevents corrosion and surface  deterioration.


SUNSHIELD is a water-borne   combination of  high-performance duo of elastomeric acrylics and resin additives, which produces a tough, yet flexible coating film. It combines four different ceramics that provide both heat reflectivity and heat-blocking properties. SUNSHIELD is a flexible membrane with low permeability that can greatly reduce expansion and contraction of a roof. SUNSHIELD’s blend of resin additives produce  a  flexible coating  membrane  that  can  be  applied directly to any surface. It also prevents corrosion and surface deterioration. Although durable and offering solar blocking performance, SUNSHIELD does not give the same benefits as SUPER THERM®.


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