SP Interlock: Concrete Conditioner and Sealant

SP Interlock is a concrete “conditioner” for use on aged and weathered concrete. It is used to clean, fill, and seal concrete floors, walls, or other concrete substrates. SP Interlock is not a surface coating. It is designed to penetrate deep into the pores and cracks of old concrete where it works to replace lost solids and prevents further deterioration. For the best results, one of our topcoats should be used after application.


SP Interlock Benefits

  • Strengthens, seals and extends the life of old concrete.
  • Adds strength to mortar between bricks.
  • Resistant to oils, acids, and chemicals.
  • Purges out residue in concrete and does not produce a visible film.
  • It reacts by a progressive chemical reaction, neutralizing alkali in the concrete, turning it to a gel, which then hardens, thus binding the components of the concrete into a more dense mass. As this takes place, free lime and alkali are neutralized.
  • Easy to clean up and environmentally safe.


SP Interlock Uses

  • Flooring, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, or anywhere concrete that has lost solids
  • Clean soiled concrete and protect from further penetration
  • Prevents further deterioration by filling open pores of concrete up to a depth of one inch and creating a barrier that is insoluble to water

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