Moist Metal Grip: Corrosion Resistant Waterproof Paint For Metal

What is the best way to protect wet rusted metal or steel that suffers from continues condensation or used underwater or underground?  Moist Metal Grip, our waterproof paint for metal, can be applied to dry or wet metal surfaces to protect against corrosion and chemicals in a two-part waterproof – water repelling epoxy coating.  It was designed to be applied to surfaces that are not dry enough for other waterproof paints and coatings.

Condensation on cold water pipe - Moist Metal GripMoist Metal Grip is ideally suited for metal or steel surfaces that will be underwater or subjected to constant water pooling, condensation,  high humidity, or steam.  It can be applied directly over flash or surface rust without loss of adhesion.

It is resistant to chemicals and solvents, and is designed to be applied directly to metal, concrete, masonry, and wood.  Moist Metal Grip is a perfect solution for protecting corroded, wet, or condensation cold water pipes.  It can also be used to coat rebars for concrete, buried I-beams, water tanks, concrete floors, cooling towers, submerged structures, boats, and more.

You can easily apply it with a brush, roller, or sprayer and it can be used as a one-coating system.  Moist Metal Grip can withstand temperatures up to 300°F (149°C).


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Moist Metal Grip Benefits

  • Fast Acting – Fully submergible after only 48 hours of cure time.  Moist Metal Grip will finish curing while submerged under water.
  • Protective – Prevents corrosion of coated surfaces due to the damaging effects of submersion, constant pooling, or moisture exposure.
  • Convenient – Can be applied to moist, wet, or condensating metal surfaces that cannot be dried before applying a corrosion paint or coating.
  • Durable – Acid and chemical-resistant.
  • Versatile – Moist Metal Grip can be used to waterproof metal, steel, aluminum, wood and concrete.
  • Easy to Apply – Semi-self-leveling formula with a smooth finish that can be tinted to any color. Can be applied directly to a wet surface using a roller or brush.

Moist Metal Grip Uses

  • Use for all metal, steel, and concrete surfaces that are exposed to constant water pooling or condensation.  If metal is to be submerged underwater, use Moist Metal Grip for protection before it is submerged.  For heavier rust or for even stronger protection, use our metallic pigmented formulation, Rust Grip-E.
  • Can be used to protect inside of water tanks.  Moist Metal Grip is a polyamide formula base that is safe for potable water uses.  European approval for potable water.
  • Can be applied over metal or concrete surfaces including flooring.  Moist Metal Grip is tough enough to withstand traffic abuse.
  • Moist Metal Grip is also used as a corrosion resistant primer that will improve adhesion for our other coatings such as Lining Kote and Enamo Grip.

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