SUNSHIELD is a water-borne combination of high-performance duo of elastomeric acrylics and resin additives, which produces a tough, yet flexible coating film with low permeability that  can  be  applied directly to any surface. Sunshield is similar to Super Therm in solar heat blocking performance. It will perform 85% as well as Super Therm in blocking solar heat. It combines 4 similar unique ceramic compounds as used in Super Therm to block solar heat loading, but accomplishes this with a different resin base formula. As such, Sunshield is designed to last for 10-15 years. Comparatively, Super Therm will perform for 20-30 years. Because the resin based used in Sunshield’s formula is different than Super Therm, Sunshield will not last as long as Super Therm and does not have many of the non solar performance characteristics of Super Therm, such as sound wave blocking, mold and mildew inhibitor, etc..

However, if the primary goal is to block solar heat loading on external surfaces, regardless of the application, 10-15 years, then Sunshield offers a tremendous value for the cost. Sunshield is formulated for use in residential, and commercial applications and will greatly reduce solar heat loading and expansion and contraction on external surfaces, which extends the longevity of the coated surface.

For metal surfaces or painted / sealed surfaces no primer is needed. When applying to asphalt, shingles, rubber, wood or unsealed concrete, our Super Base primer must be used as the primer.


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