SP TEXTURE COAT is a mixture of high-performance ceramics and acrylics specially blended for breathability, adhesion, flexibility, and toughness. Additional lightweight aggregate compound is added into the formulation to insure a texture yet having added characteristics not found in standard dry mix ratios of stucco. SP TEXTURE is tested to show a low permeability and is not affected by water or moisture-penetration. It is designed to stay down for a long bonding life. It will not crack and peel. It is UVprotected for long life and durability against weathering whether in hot or cool climates, or whether in high humidity or very dry environments.

SP TEXTURE COAT was designed to coat a variety of surface structures on metal, wood, stone, concrete, fiberglass or composites. SP TEXTURE COAT breathes, and unlike standard stucco, can flex with the substrate without cracking, giving years of maintenance-free service. SP TEXTURE COAT will not allow water to penetrate and damage substrates. It has a mildew resistant agent in the formula to guard against the growth of mold and mildew. When top-coated with SUPER THERM to guard against solar radiation heat absorption, the system created provides an insulating effectiveness on exterior walls and will not detract from the texturing.

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