24 Jul

Primers and Sealers



SUPER BASE/HS is a one-part water-based acrylic coating that is easily applied without environmental concerns, and used as a base coat for either SUPER THERM® or SUNSHIELD. SUPER BASE/HS can be used as a base coat to seal tar, asphalt, shingles, rubber, concrete, or wood roofs. Not required when Super Therm and Sunshield are applied to metal or previously painted or seal surfaces


SP Single Ply:

SP SINGLE-PLY PRIMER is a single component, solvent-based coating designed to be  a  base  primer for single-ply membranes. It must be applied whe applying Super Therm and Sunshield to Single Ply membranes,TPO  EPDM, PVC.

SP Primer:

SP PRIMER is a single component, water-based coating designed to be a base primer for metal, concrete, masonry, foam, and wood. It offers outstanding surface adhesion and durability, and is available in either red oxide (tougher and better on metal) or white  color.

SP Seal Coat:

SP SEAL COAT is a one component coating that combines high performance acrylics in a water-borne formulation. The coating is designed using a high quality elastomeric and self cross-linking resin system for long life and weathering, as well as against water that ponds, and having good dirt release. SP SEAL COAT is used as a topcoat over SUPER THERM or other base materials. It remains flexible and is resistant to mold and mildew.  SP SEAL COAT can be applied over most firmly bonded paints or foams. The coating can be used over surfaces other than SUPER THERM.

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