Omega Fire: Versatile Fireproofing Coating

Build extra safety into structures with Omega Fire, a ceramic-loaded, water-based 2-component fireproofing coating. Omega Fire withstand direct flame up to 2,200°F.  The resin blend binds the compounds together and forms a char to matrix the ceramics across the face of the coating facing the flame.

Omega Fire is designed to stay intact with constant adhesion at extreme temperatures, while remaining flexible.  In this way, it can move with the surface, during expansion and contraction, without cracking and falling off as the substrate moves.

Omega Fire™ Benefits

  • Unique Powerful Formula – Omega Fire™ is a hybrid material with multiple ceramics mixed with glazing materials to form a fire barrier.
  • Durable – Omega Fire™ is humidity and water-resistant and fights mold, mildew and condensation.
  • Long Lasting – Omega Fire™ does not flake like conventional fireproofing materials, and stays intact above 2200°F. Maintains flexibility at the adhesion point to prevent delamination when substrate moves during fire.
  • Waterbased – Non toxic wet/dry and during/after exposure to fire.

Omega Fire™ Uses

Tested for use directly on structural steel to give superior fire protection, depending on thickness applied. Extra thickness gives longer fire protection.

  • To control and contain fires in high-rise buildings; prevent the spread and collapse of support structures.
  • Provide fire protection to corner beams, elevator shafts, stairwells, walls, ceilings, and boiler rooms.
  • NYC approval for two hours on support beams.
  • To control the spread of fire on ships and tankers, with minimal damage to support structures.

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