Super Therm is a water-based solar heat blocking coating, that is specifically designed to prevent solar heat from loading on any external surface, regardless of the surface type it has been applied on (Metal, Asphalt, Concrete, Rubber, etc..). Super Therm is ideal for any external application where solar heat loading is a problem. Super Therm offers the easiest way possible to keep surfaces cool from the sun’s heat. You simply paint it on the surface and Super Therm does the rest.  Once applied, Super Therm will block 95% of the solar heat from ever loading, resulting in an ambient surface temperature that is physically cool to the touch, even on bare metal, regardless of how hot it is outside. When used to reduce high air-conditioning cost, Super Therm and Sunshield shatters high energy cost! Super Therm is more than a mere reflective cool coating that depend only on its color (white) to reflect. The specific nano ceramic material used in Super Therm’s formula lack the density to load and transfer solar  heat.

For example, just as it is with a piece of paper, no matter how hot it is outside, the paper will always be at an ambient surface temperature and physically cool to the touch, because paper lack the density to load and then transfer / conduct solar heat energy. The 4 very specific nano ceramic materials used in Super Therm’s formula are 50 times lighter than paper and cannot load or hold solar heat because Super Therm also lacks the density required to load and hold solar heat, resulting in an ambient surface temperature, that is physically cool to the touch, even on bare metal!

Super Therm is part of a ceramic technology platform where on the lower end of the technology platform, our Super Therm and Sunshield coatings are primarily designed to block solar heat from loading on any external surface and on the high end of the ceramic technology platform, we provide a spray on water based ceramic coating solutions called HPC and HPC-HT. HPC/HPC-HT installation technology is designed to be applied directly to hot metal surfaces up to 1112 F (600 C). No other spay-on installation coating technology can cover the range of applications from something as simple as blocking solar heat from the sun, to high temperature applications where our HPC and HPC-HT high temperature coating technology is applied directly to hot piping, boilers, heat exchangers, etc up to 1112 F (600 C).

When applied to Metal roofs and side walls, Metal Containers, Asphalt, Concrete, Rubber, Shingle roofs, or any other external surface, nothing works better in blocking the sun’s heat from loading! Super Therm is first in class at proactively preventing solar heat loading. Competing product can only reflect as long as they stay white and clean (and most do not) and they usually do not provide long term performance. Independent testing shows that Super Therm provides long term performance (20+ years), with very little drop off in performance, as the heat blocking materials used in Super Therm’s formula are inert materials and they will provide the same level of performance over the years.

Super Therm has received the prestigious SSPC E. Crone Knoy Award, for use on the Hoover Dam. Super Therm has been independently tested and passed more than  37 ASTM test. Additionally, Super Therm has been independently tested and validated by the highly regarded Georgia Tech  Research Institute (GTRI), The Russian Academy of Science, The Florida Energy Conservation, DOE Weatherization Assistance Program, NASA,Marine Safety Council, Japanese Industrial Standards Corp, China Center for Technology. Super Therm is also USDA approved and has received numerous national and international certifications.

For metal surfaces or  painted / sealed surfaces no primer is needed. When applying to asphalt, shingles, rubber, wood or unsealed concrete, our Super Base primer must be used as the primer.

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