LINING KOTE UHS is a two-part pigmented epoxy coating, which will produce a hard, tough coating film. Designed to for use on the interior of tanks, this epoxy coating was built to resist  the  toughest  acid,  chemical  or  solvent environments. LINING KOTE UHS   has outstanding adhesion and can withstand direct impact. It is resistant to water, humidity and high heat. LINING KOTE UHS is made with a high molecular weight base and cure for strength and durability. LINING KOTE UHS has superb acid and superior alkali resistance.

  • As a lining topcoat for acid tanks (two coats required)
  • As a lining topcoat for chemical tanks (three coats required)
  •  As a lining topcoat for solvent tanks (two coats require)
  • As a lining topcoat for ballast tanks (two coats required).
  • As a protection concrete or masonry surfaces from acid and chemical.

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