HPC®-HT is a two-part (A+B) hybrid acrylic/silicone resin, water-based coating using specific ceramic compound loads for application directly over surfaces 200°C (392°F) and up to 600°C (1112°F). It was designed to block and hold the interior temperature on the surface and reduce heat transfer loss to ambient.

HPC®-HT Coating offers a ‘green’, nonflammable, non-toxic formula for high-heat surface applications. HPC®-HT is easily applied, and can be applied direct to metal, concrete and other high-temperature surfaces.

HPC®-HT is the recommended for high-temp insulation applications when the surfaces temperature is greater than 200°C. HPC®-HT is ideal to insulate and to prevent Corrosion Under Insulation  (CUI) when used on  all hot surface and processes such as hot pipes, tanks, valves boilers and more. HPC®-HT is designed to hold the heat on the surface of the pipe, tank, valve, boilers , etc..

HPC®-HT provides a superior in place performance when dealing with heat loss by radiation, convection and conduction because it is fluid applied and sprayed direct to the hot surface. There are no air space or gaps between the hot surface and HPC®-HT. Unlike traditional metal cladding insulation systems that feature rock-wool, calcium silicate, fiberglass or insulation blankets, HPC®-HT is also designed to prevent heat loss by conduction and radiation. Like our regular HPC, is applied live plant, when the hot system operational and cannot be shut down.

HPC®-HT  Coating  is  a  two-component  product that is applied using a Graco texture sprayer 2000. For specific instructions on surface preparation, mixing and application, please refer to the HPC®-HT Coating Application Instruction Sheet.

HPC-HT is top coated with one of our approved top coats that do not breathe and prevents moisture infiltration (SP Seal Coat HT or Super Therm is recommended). This creates an air and moisture tight installation system with no air gaps or seams. The top-coats, SUPER THERM®, RUST GRIP®, ENAMO GRIP or Sp Seal Coat can be used in accordance to what is needed.

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